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Never say Forget again with Call Actions & Reminders

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With Call Action & Reminders you can do several things like call reminder, send messages and share a contacts. Furthermore, you can reply to all your calls, send a message or create a new contact with only one click. It is easy and modern way to use it in your mobile. This App will help you to be organized and comfortable with your calls. The remainder will be shown while you are calling; never you will say I forget again. Directly use it with your contacts. Call Actions & Reminders has plenty of features, for example you can copy the call details in your system and make call back. Also, you can send an SMS and emails. Moreover, see the contact or add a new number to your contact. Furthermore, the reminders can be shown during the calls. Lastly, create Google Calendar activities by using the contact information.




From today, you will be a professional photography.

This image is showing an art by Adobe Photoshop Touch.


Nowadays, everybody can use Adobe Photoshop on his tablet. Do your work, design , color your pictures , draw a professional picture, and edit your photo with Adobe Photoshop Touch. You can share your work with your family and friends via sites. With Adobe Photoshop you can share your photo on Facebook and let your friend comment on it. Also, the resolution for the image is 1600 x 1600 pixels. Really Adobe Photoshop can give you a fascinating photo. I can say there are no any photo editing app can match Adobe Photoshop .


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Fell comfortable about your mobiles.

AppBrain Detector logo.


Check any doubts you have in your mobile form installed app. It can help you to know anything about other app accessing your accounts or could deal with service which charges you money. It can check more than 70 app. AppBrain Detector can do all that stuff and more. Scan the app on your mobile and feel safe with AppBrain Detector. It is excellent app works as advertised.


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  1.    hxiao2 said,

    on April 2nd, 2012 at 10:58 pm   Reply

    Thank you for sharing this app, it’s very useful, and the most important it’s free! Furthermore, your web design is very good, which match your topic.

  2.    Ghania said,

    on April 9th, 2012 at 4:55 pm   Reply

    Great information.

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