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From today you won’t suffer from your battery with PowerBag.

PowerBag picture


Almost of Android users are suffering from the battery of their mobiles, especially smart phones. But now we could find an amazing solution will help the users to use their phones without any doubts. It’s not by direct way but it is useful and helpful. PowerBag is a company that has made some bags to help the users with their smart phones. It has a battery in the bag and has several ports to charge your phone or Lap. Now we find the solution and we can feel more comfortable with our smart phones, even you can use the bag not only as charger, now you can use it to carry your stuff and take it any where especially if you know that it is small and light to carry. The bags price are begin at $139.99 and are sold at some website such as , Best Buy, OfficeMax, and at


video about PowerBag



With Sony Smart Watch, use your phone by easiest ways.




With Sony Smart Watch , you can do plenty of activities. Connect the watch to your smart phone and manage some functions. Sony Smart Watch has several versions. Also, it has several colors that make you happy and satisfied with Sony Smart Watch. It looks pretty and fashionable. Moreover, it works by correlating with your phone to send and receive the notifications from your mobiles such as updates and new messages. Another thing that there is one app especially for the watch can help you to trace your work. The company says that you can use the watch with almost of Android phones.



Epson Moverio wearable glasses

Picture of Epson glasses

Nowadays, you can enjoy your games more than before. It gives you 80-inch screen. It is more than just a glass, it is a fun device. You can connect some device to the glass such as the headphone. Moreover, you can watch movies and 3D movies also. The company has made some app for Android that helps Android users to use the glass to view photos, or browse the web. You can recharge the battery.  Also, you can build up the memory.

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  1.    gkaki said,

    on April 4th, 2012 at 5:39 pm   Reply

    he needs to have some ads and applications to support the page

  2.    Ghania said,

    on April 9th, 2012 at 4:58 pm   Reply

    Those are very useful accessories.

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